1. Baby crossword puzzle baby shower games

One can create baby shower games with crossword puzzles that have to do with baby related clues. For example the baby’s first clothing set is called _____. and number 13 across. If you may have a 10 to 12-year-old girl in the immediate family, they will be great at creating baby shower games crossword puzzles. Once you have created this crossword puzzle on a regular sheet of paper you can redo it onto a poster board and everyone can see it.

2. Dress the baby, baby shower games

This baby shower game race is to address a baby doll as quickly as possible. You can use it all the same size of a baby and have clothing to hand dress them. You should include a cloth diaper, rubber pants, socks or booties, T-shirt, pants and a shirt or dress, cap or bonnet etc. Give a two-minute time limit so each participant gets a turn.