In 2018

In 2018, there are 7.5 billion people in the world, 4.1 billion are active internet users, 3.2 are social media users, and 2.9 billion are mobile social media users. Business companies are using social media platforms for their own benefit, to wide spread there content and provide positive outcomes for their company.
Throughout the years, communication has evolved into a renowned platform, through the innovation and improvement of the internet. The internet has transformed from searching for data, to a stage of mass communication through social media. Social Media has opened an astounding measure of opportunities for organizations to publicize, elevate and advertise themselves to clients, it has changed from a client relationship, to promoting, and marketing, in todays business world. With social media, businesses can raise from literally working in a garage, to becoming a major corporation. As social media continues to grow, many organizations and companies, incorporated social media into their daily business activities for brand development, networking, job opportunities, and wealth,
In todays society, social media marketing offers immense opportunities for brands to come out with their campaigns and commercials on a large scale. It is a stage for a vast majority of brands to draw in a variety of people, to catch their attention with an end goal to enhance their brand development. Social media tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube have had a enormous impact on advertising and growth of companies. They have allowed customers to engage and give feedback of the brand, that can suggest opinions and even improvement for their content. Forbes magazine, on brand engagement states, “Social media is becoming more about the personal journey or experience than ever before. Fans want to be involved, not just sideline spectators…platforms have introduced live video features to increase individual participation and to take brand engagement to the next level. With live videos, consumers can feel closer to their favorite brands than ever before. Live videos are becoming their own genre of content, ranging from brief Q&A sessions to product releases — all with the intent to increase engagement and further brand loyalty” (Gray). Social media has found a way to engage brands with their consumers, this has helped businesses find loyal costumers. Live videos and online giveaways have increased the amount that consumers look at a businesses page and potentially recommend it to their mutual friends through ads.
Other than brand development, another important aspect of business on social media is networking. Networking