On February 5

On February 5,1951, after Jones got Henrietta’s biopsy report back from the lab, he called and told her it was malignant (Skloot 31 ). There are basically two types of tumors: malignant ; benign. Malignant tumors are far more invasive and deadly, it also has a higher chance of reappearing than a benign tumor. Henrietta’s tumor was the invasive type, and like hospitals nationwide, Hopkins treated all invasive cervical carcinomas with radium, a white radioactive metal that glows an eerie blue (Skloot 31-32). A sample of her cancer cells were retrieved during a biopsy were sent to Dr. George Gey’s nearby tissue lab where his twenty-one-year-old assistant Mary Kubicek would test them (Day). Gey hired Mary for her hands, Skloot writes, by the time