We had a tough day out on the field

We had a tough day out on the field. When Slim and me got in the bunk house we had a little chat about Lennie. He asked how Lennie and me got together and where we ‘d been before. I found Slim a nice person as he is very calm and friendly. Afterwards Candy (the old man) came in, he was complaining about his gut ache, he was desperate for some whisky. When Carlson came in a moment later he immediately smelled the dog, he suggested he could shoot him. At first Candy didn’t agree because he loves his dog which I understand because he had the dog since at was born. But when Slim agreed with Carlson and said he would give Candy a new puppy Candy allowed them to shoot the dog. I felt very sorry for Candy because he was so miserable but it was good for the dog. After Carlson went outside to shoot the dog there was a long silence as everyone felt sorry for Candy.