Welcome parents to our preschool

Welcome parents to our preschool. Our belief is to create healthy, safety and proper nutritional and productive environment for our children whereby they can grow as an individual through hands-on learning with experiments and activities to support them in group education. In this preschool, we join hands with parents to help our children build the right foundation for future learning and life. Our goal is to help our children have fun while building active minds, healthy bodies and happy hearts in a friendly stimulating environment whereby your child will grow as an independent, confident and caring individual. Parents and teacher will play a vital role bringing out the best in our children. Parents of our preschool will highly be encouraged to be a community in raising children with good ethics and morals. The preschool students are maximum 60 children of age 3-5 years, the ratio of 20 kids per teacher and teacher’s assistant and a staff member will be with them in a class.
An ideal location for the daycare, there are many factors to consider before deciding on a location, the center needs to look for health and safety issues in the indoor and outdoor space. The one who is responsible for the center chooses an ideal location considering all the above needs, a home base structured house with large rooms that can be converted into a child care center. That the house at relatively low cost, many of this structure is easily made suitable for a child care as the child feel safe as its foundation is similar to home, it should be convenient for parents to easily get in and out of the parking lot, or access main roads and interstates, so as to make drop off and pick up easy. The centre should reflect on a number of things securities, exit route that can be used on an emergency basis, fire prevention and safety, lighting, ventilation, plumbing etc. when done with the location child care provider is required to have a child care license in order to legally provide child care. A child care license is separate from a business