When buying Avocados in the supermarket

When buying Avocados in the supermarket, they are mostly very unripe and the softer ones tend to already go off in the middle. Therefore it is best to let them ripen at home which can take up to a week.
In order to speed up the ripening process you can store them in for example old newspaper or a plastic bag together with ripe bananas or apples.
The ripe fruits produce ethylene gas. This gas initiates the reaction that converts starch into sugar.
My research has shown that an iodine solution binds to starch but not sugar and can due to that detect the stage of ripeness by means of darker or lighter stains. The iodine solution is the indicator to determine the avocados conversion of starch to sugar.
With this I could investigate on the speed of the process by adding either bananasĀ orĀ apples and maybe not only one but two of them. In contrast to that there would be one bag without any ethylene gas producing item to identify the baseline.